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Drew a duck and a turtle, been a while since I posted.

Been a while since I last posted. I haven’t had much inspiration to draw things lately, but I picked up a pen and started drawing. This is the result. I was trying to draw a white duck that I had seen on a wildlife show, but since I was drawing it free hand, the neck…

Art lessons from Mark Crilley

I watched Mark Crilley’s video on how to draw a wolf. This is what came out of it. Also credited to one of Mark Crilley’s videos/ lessons on how to draw a dragon. I really like his style of drawing guidelines, and I may start using it in my own artwork. I had fun with…

Drawing horses

Drew this with coloured pencils. I got the inspiration from a horse book I borrowed. Another Horse. Was trying to experiment with a sort of painted sky effect. It needs more work. (I used alcohol markers for this one.)

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